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Better PR is a podcast for public relations practitioners who are looking to advance their careers. Whether you’re a new practitioner, mid-career or senior practitioner, we’ll have fabulous discussions that will reignite your love of PR and the power of Accreditation in Public Relations.

BetterPR is brought to you by Renown Health, In Plain Sight Marketing and the Sierra Nevada Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America.

Our goal is to advance the field of public relations by having frank and honest conversations with PR professionals. Discussing topics such as the APR process, different aspects of PR, war stories and experiences from the field, and a myriad of other topics. 

Jul 28, 2022

Along with our theme of mental health, we bring you Mark Mohammadpour, APR, of Chasing the Sun - Your Team's Chief Well-Being Officer!

Mark says "You work really long hours. And you deal with “‘work emergencies” - even in your downtime.

It’s challenging for you to use up your PTO and sick time.


Jul 28, 2022

Join Natalie Brown, APR, and Jena Esposito, APR, to talk about the joys and challenges of both in-house and agency public relations!

Jul 28, 2022

Public relations has been named one of the 10 most stressful occupations. Learn about the healing art of Zentangle and how practicing mindful art can significantly improve mental health. As PR practitioners, we know the value of research. Multiple studies have been done about the mental health and stress...